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    AWH Special College is a prestigious institution of higher learning founded by the Association for Welfare of the Handicapped (AWH) in the year 1996. We are proud to declare that this college plays a significant role in the higher education of northern Kerala State and is the pioneer institution in the educational field of physiotherapy, genetics, audiology and speech language pathology. Genetics is a new emerging field of science with tremendous potential in the field of management of genetic diseases, syndromes, deformities, and health in general. Therefore it opens a wide horizon of research scope. B. Sc genetics is offered only in AWH in the state. The College offers under-graduate and post-graduate programmes in physiotherapy and audiology and speech language pathology. We have other undergraduate B.Sc Programmes in computer science, electronics, and geology. We also provide PG programme in social work. All our courses are sanctioned by the Government of Kerala and are duly affiliated to the University of Calicut. We have recognition from Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) for the relevant programs.

    The Association for Welfare of the Handicapped (AWH) is a major charitable voluntary organization working in the Indian state of Kerala. The service of the Association is in the field of human resource development in the area of disability welfare.

We are committed to educating self motivated academicians, geneticists, technical experts, scientists, social workers and health care professionals who are dedicated to serving the Indian and international community and also are capable of facilitating rehabilitation of people with all kinds of disabilities. We also envision our geneticists to be good genetic counselors.

To foster student's curiosity and inquisitiveness and to help them become self-directed learners.
To prepare students for a lifelong commitment to other persons, their communities and the country.