B. Sc. Genetics (Complimentary courses: Biotechnology and Biochemistry)

Genetics, the study of heredity and variation, in the last few decades has pervaded all aspects of Biology and assumed a position of great significance in Biological Sciences and disease management. Genetic Engineering has provided tools for the study of the fundamental biological processes besides its application in Medical, Pharmaceutical, Forensic, Environmental and Agricultural Sciences. Green Revolution accomplished in India is primarily due to application of genetic principles in plant variety development. Modern Genetics offers vast potential for the welfare of human society as a whole through eliminating human genetic diseases, developing pharmaceuticals, increasing food production and removing pollutant from the environment. Ongoing research on Functional Human Genomics would provide solutions to over 3000 genetic diseases like hemophilia, color blindness, sickle cell anaemia etc.

Programme Structure

AWH Special College is the first college to offer Genetic as one of the optional courses along with Biotechnology and Biochemistry.

In the first year the syllabus deals with the basic knowledge of Genetics to give an understanding of Instrumentation, Microscopy,Cell biology, Mendelian Genetics and Bio-Statistics. Laboratory exercises are co-ordinated with lecture topics.

In the second year the syllabus emphasis on linkage and crossing over, quantitative inheritance, sex determination and sex linkage, mutation, recombination in bacteria etc. Lab exercises include preparation of polytene chromosomes, blood grouping, breeding experiments in Drosophila etc.

The third year syllabus covers Human Genetics, Pedigree analysis, Dermatoglyphics, Population Genetics, Cancer Genetics, Eugenics, Genetic engineering, DNA fingerprinting, Gene cloning, Clinical Genetics, Genetic Counseling, Plant Tissue Culturing, Animal breeding and Molecular Genetics. Lab exercises include study of different karyotypes, Mendelian traits, blood and buccal smear, blood cell counting, Preparation of Karyotype from bone marrow of rat and frog, Bio chemical tests, Pedigree analysis, Instrumentation, DNA Isolation, Plant Tissue Culture, Study of Hybrid Plants etc.

This course is pre-requisite to pursue Postgraduate studies in Applied Genetics, Genetics and Biotechnology.

Duration: 6 semesters
Career Opportunities

Training in this course prepares the graduates for the broad spectrum of job opportunities in numerous international, nationals and state level advanced and strategic research institutions. The new tendency in developed countries is to assess the genome every citizen for the management of diseases with genetic predispositions. This requires preparation of data base of genomes of people of the country. Naturally a large number of experts in the field of genetics are required for the accomplishment of this task. Definitely the countries initiating this task will have to outsource this work to people with qualification. Presently geneticists are required in

Pharmaceuticals Production (Eg: - Insulin, interferon, antibiotics etc.)

Food security (enhanced productivity in agricultural crops - Green Revolution)

Diary Production - White Revolution

Fish production - Blue Revolution

Human genetic diseases



Genetic Counseling
The recent surge of Biotechnology has added to the significance of Genetics particularly Recombinant DNA Technology. Hence, the science of Genetics holds great promise to the bright future of the younger generations.


Passed in 10+2 or its equivalent with Chemistry and Biology.

How to Apply

Application for admission shall be made in the prescribed formats available with the prospectus.

The cost of one set of prospectus and application form is RS.300/- in cash / in person. Those who decide to have it by post shall send a DD for RS. 400/- in favor of "Association for Welfare of the Handicapped" payable at Calicut.

The last date for issue of Prospectus and Application form is declared from time to time.

The filled in application forms with enclosures should reach the principal of the college latest by the declared date.

Candidates whose applications are found acceptable shall be called for an interview.

The following documents shall be brought at the time of interview.

Interview Card

Qualifying certificates

T.C and conduct certificates from the institutions last attended

2 copies of passport size and 1 stamp size photo

S.S.L.C Book

SC,ST,OEC, candidates should produce community certificate

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