• Library

    AWH Special College Library functions as a knowledge dissemination center that supports the educational and research programmers' of the college. The library users are provided with elective dissemiFnation of information and current awareness services through owned resources and shared and networked electronic resources. Services: The Library strives to provide its members with appropriate information in suitable formats, endeavoring to meet the needs of students & faculty as fully as possible. A highly professional and dedicated library staff is on hand from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. On six days- Monday to Saturday, to provide help and assistance to the Library users. A total of 4242 books are available for the users. The College has got a good spacious computerized library, with required number of textbooks and journals. There are foreign titles by renowned authors too. The library is open from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm.

    The following journals are also available in the library

    The Hearing Journal

    Journal of Speech & Hearing Research(JSLHR)

    Journal of voice

    Optometry Today

    Archives of physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

    American journal of physiotherapy

    Economic & Political Weekly


    Down To Earth



    Journals of Earth Science system

    Geological Society of India

    Journal of Geometics

    Journals of Indian Society of Remote Sensing

    Journals of Genetics

    Journals of Biosciences

    Electronics for you

    Voice & Data

    Linux for you


  • The Association for Welfare of the Handicapped (AWH) is a major charitable voluntary organization working in the Indian state of Kerala. The service of the Association is in the field of human resource development in the area of disability welfare.

  • Laboratory

  • Each department has its own laboratory
    BPT/MPT (Physiotherapy)

    The clinical laboratory is well equipped to conduct biological and hematological investigations. Cadavers are provided for anatomy dissection. Good facilities are offered for physiotherapy to enable the students for developing skills in basic exercises. Electrotherapy and Exercise therapy labs are fully equipped with Laser, SWD, Ultra sound, Tread mill, IFT, TENS, Tilt table etc.

    BASLP/ MASLP (Audiology and speech language pathology)

    The Audiology lab is well equipped with sophisticated equipments in A/C comforts. The following are some of the latest equipment: -

    Amplaid MK22 Audiology Brain Stem Evoked Response, Audiometry.

    GSI – 33 Clinical Middle ear Analyzer.

    OTO Acoustic Emission System, OTO Dynamics.

    AILO 292 Total OAE Analyse

    GSI - 61 Clinical Diagnostic Audiometer.

    Frye Fonix Hearing Text Box System cum Insertion Gain Optimization (IGO) Fonix 6500 CX Real Time Hearing Aid System.

    Speech Science Lab facilities like Doctor’s speech, Vaghmi etc.

    B.Sc. Genetics

    Instruments such as Laminar Air flow (Horizontal & Vertical), microbial hood, orbital shaker, cooling centrifuge, PCR, agarose gel electrophoretic apparatus, bacteriological incubator, autoclave, hot air oven, colorimeter, centrifuge, PH meter microscopes (both monocular and binocular) and required glass wares are available for hands on work in Genetics, Biotechnology and Biochemistry.

    B.Sc. Computer Science and B.Sc. Electronics

    There are two computer labs with all terminals connected to LAN / WINDOWS. There are 45 systems in all. Internet facility is made available. Both labs are with A/C comforts.

    B.Sc. Geology

    The department has well equipped lab and museum. The department of genetics geology have well equipped labs.

  • Out Patient Departments/ Clinics

    Physiotherapy:The department is running two separate Physiotherapy outpatient units one for adults and the other for Pediatric patients both under the supervision of well qualified and experienced staffs. An average 80 patients enroll every day with various complaints.

    General Clinic : deals with musculo-skeletal disorders, neurological impairments, geriatric problems, diabetic issues, etc. The department is situated in the ground floor of the disabled friendly building of the college and it has all the most modern diagnostic and therapeutic facilities such as EMG, NCV, PFT, Dynamometry, LASER etc.

  • Pediatric Clinic : deals with developmental delay, congenital malformations etc are getting benefited through this center. The postings in these clinics are giving chance for all the Physiotherapy students to get well verse with the various advanced Physiotherapeutic treatments under the guidance of the various specialized staffs faculty. More over the out patients units are also facilitating research activities and community rehabilitation

  • Audilogy and Speech Language Pathology:

    This department also has two separate OP sections- Audiology section and Speech Language Pathology section.

  • Audiology Section:1

    Section of Audiology is well equipped with advanced instruments and has qualified specialists. Here diagnosis and rehabilitation of patients with hearing problems are dealt with. The services provided include basic pure tone audiometric testing, immittance audiometory, oto acoustic emission , BSERA, and Hearing and trial programming and prescription.

  • Audiology Section:2

    Speech Language Pathology section deals with patients having communication difficulties for whom Diagnostic and therapeutic services are provided. Diagnostic procedures include subjective and instrumental analysis of various speech and language disorders. Specialized units are available for pediatric and geriatric population. Highly skilled professionals are involved in the rehabilitation of patients with communication disorders.

  • Hostel

    Hostel facility is made available to the students. Women’s hostel is available in the campus itself.